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Faint Services Group is a creative consultancy specializing in writing, beauty, events and marketing communications.


After 25 years abroad, the ins and outs of the US workplace-- particularly negotiations regarding salary and benefits-- were no longer familiar territory. I turned to Trinette Faint for specific advice on weighing the different offers I had before me in multiple cities and was able to negotiate the best possible deal as a result. Trinette was able to translate her corporate knowledge into the non-profit space and helped me realize how to attach the right value to what I brought to the position I wanted to accept. I felt like I had been given access to the inside track and had a stronger sense of confidence going into negotiations as a result. - Nadia Ammar, non-profit development director

Trinette Faint was a huge asset to me when it came time to take my career to the next level. I recently embarked on a daunting job search in a new city after spending nearly 15 years with the same organization. Trinette quickly became my go-to guide for job advice. She not only revamped my cover letter and resume, but educated me on the current job market and what today's employees are looking for. 

I quickly realized that Trinette knows her stuff and doesn't mince words. With polished, professional & streamlined materials in hand, I submitted for a dream job in my chosen field. I was quickly contacted for a phone interview and after a second, in-person interview, landed the job! 

Thanks to Trinette's insights, I was finally able to properly showcase my experience and put my best foot forward so that the right employer could see what I had to offer. 

I'm so grateful to Trinette for serving as a career mentor. Her determination and drive are inspiring  and motivated me to take the job market by storm. Thanks for believing in me, Faint Services Group! - Kimmie Fadem, Social Media Maven and Music & Lifestyle Photographer at Just Dandy Photography

Trinette provided valuable insight and support in my job search. She reviewed my resume and quickly made suggestions for improvement. Her turnaround time and the quality of her work were equally impressive. Within a week I had three interviews scheduled. Trinette has an excellent eye for detail, a get-it-done work ethic, and a positive way with people. Thanks Trinette! - William Loew

Trinette's recommendations to promote my debut YA novel TRIPPING BACK BLUE were extremely invaluable, thoughtful, and smart. She has an innately creative mind, is hard-working, and genuinely caring about other people's success. I was so pleased (and impressed) by all her ideas she was willing to share. As a novelist herself, she has the background and experience I was looking for. I trust her opinion and will put her counsel to good use. Undeniably I'll make great headway because of her wise and forward thinking. - Kara Storti, Author, Tripping Back Blue

Trinette has always been a wealth of knowledge. She connected us with the right PR, which has been a major factor in our business's success! Her connections and ideas are invaluable. - Hilary Chandler, Founder Kidecals

Trinette very kindly walked me through her experience with publishing her novels, giving me helpful tips on how to plan ahead for publication, and what to look out for, such as the importance of planning for cover design. - Celine Faulkner, writer

Trinette was instrumental in assisting me with the outline of my client services, pricing structure and business workflow. She was reliable, smart and brought a sense of humor to her work. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - Maureen Sullivan, owner Maureen Bridget Photography

I reached out to Trinette for help in getting my daughter started in modeling.  She provided us with a wealth of information and guided us in the right direction.  Trinette is resourceful and goal-driven, with sharp ideas for the creative industry.  - Karen Haney, mother of an 8 year old aspiring model

Trinette and I were colleagues at Bain Capital in Boston over the course of 3 years and she was a trusted teammate and confidant. Trinette has a keen ability to provide solid guidance on both a professional and personal level. Even after Trinette left Bain to pursue other professional endeavors, we kept in touch on a regular basis. She continually provided support and counsel as I began to think about taking the next steps in my career path. Trinette served as a conduit between myself and a staffing firm that assisted me with finding a dynamic position at a new firm. In short, Trinette is resourceful, well-connected, driven and willing to put 100% of herself toward people and causes she believes in.  - Lesley Brawn, finance executive

Trinette consulted us on our forthcoming new website design and was a joy to work with throughout the entire process. Her professional manner, prompt responsiveness and innovative ideas were instrumental in developing our new platform.  I would recommend her for anyone looking for a fresh, chic, creative mind to grow a business or project. - Sarah Tuft, Marketing Director & Co-owner, Wacky Apple