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Hot in Harlem

Last night I attended the Studio Museum in Harlem's Summer 2014 opening reception celebrating the works of Charles Gaines, Kevin Beasley, Bethany Collins and Abigail DeVille.  Held at its 125th location, right in the middle of Harlem USA, the artists' collections were impressive, and the reception was off the hook.

 The crowd admires Charles Gaines's work.

The crowd admires Charles Gaines's work.

 Pieces by Bethany Collins.

Pieces by Bethany Collins.

The fashionable crowd was thick with beautifully diverse creative types and Absolut provided liquid refreshment, and there was even a popcorn machine!  (As many of you know, popcorn is my jam; I am from the Midwest after all.)

 With Sidra Smith, Tasha Smith's twin.

With Sidra Smith, Tasha Smith's twin.

As the sun set the dance floor cranked and it was on.  Everything from old school, to hip hop, to reggae, it was hot!


I twirled and twirled and twirled in my Missoni, in synch, collectively with the crowd as we danced each beat as if it were our last.


Harlem USA.  It's a beautiful thing.


Uptown, baby.  Uptown.

And another old school New York jam for you.