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Lands' End brings the Glamour

As we are fully and finally (!) into spring, summer will be here before you know it and we'll soon be sunnin' our buns on the best strip of sand we can find.  Thankfully, Lands' End has solved the swimsuit crisis we are all sure to endure very soon by bringing us their Getaway Tour in conjunction with Glamour Magazine outside at the Flatiron Plaza.

 Checking out the merchandise.

Checking out the merchandise.

Kendall Farr, celebrity stylist and style expert at Glamour Magazine,  and I had a nice chat about getting beach ready and how Lands' End addresses every woman's needs in this area, and she schooled me on the pareo sarong and how it can take me from beach to brunch for my upcoming trip to Greece. 

Watch out Greece!  I'm going to be kickin' it Kendall style!

Celebrity stylist Kendall Farr shows Trinette the pareo sarong from Lands' End.
 With fellow tall lady Kendall Farr of  Glamour Magazine .

With fellow tall lady Kendall Farr of Glamour Magazine.